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Transitioning Away from Performing featuring Kaylee Randall

Episode 17 | Transitioning away from Performing

Transitioning away from performing is something that most dancers will face at some point during their unique journey. We’re here to tackle the stigma surrounding this stage in a dancer’s life. I am joined by the Founder of Pivot for Dancers, Kaylee Randall, and together we discuss the importance of being open to change, finding fulfillment within a different career, and utilizing tangible resources that can help you expand your life. This empowering episode proves that even though you may no longer be performing, it doesn’t make you any less of a dancer.

Pivot for Dancers is a website helping dancers find meaningful work off the stage through resources, inspiration, and community. It prepares dancers for injuries, illness, and shifts in priorities by starting the conversation that you are more than a dancer but that you’ll never not be a dancer. It’s not about deterring dancers from pursuing professional careers in the industry or getting a survival job that you hate. Instead, it’s about allowing ourselves to be the multi-faceted people that we already are, with less shame and guilt about stepping off the stage. If our plans change or we want new things, Pivot helps dancers accept these changes while continuing to find true fulfillment in other career paths. Learn more on the Pivot website.

Pivot for Dancers:

YouTube: Pivot Panels

Kaylee Randall LinkedIn: Kaylee Randall

Instagram: @kaylee_randall

Pivot Q+A with Brittany Chalk: Inspiration Dancer/Podcaster



Watch “How to Pivot & Stay Ready for Reopening” Virtual Workshop presented in collaboration by A Dancer’s Guide & Pivot for Dancers


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