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Paving your own Path featuring Caroline Liviakis

Episode 37 | Paving your own Path

Dance Film Director, Choreographer and Professor of Dance and Film, Caroline Liviakis shares her inspiration journey of forging her own path within the professional dance industry!

She is the former Artistic Director of her own non-profit Dance Company, she currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and is set to release her first feature length dance film at the end of 2022. Caroline's undoubtedly creative nature continues to elevate her professional success to new heights and her passion for capturing dance on film sparks commitment toward bringing dance to the forefront of both digital and live entertainment.

Tune in as Caroline shares her advice about paving your own path in the dance industry and creating a sustainable and fulfilling career. We dive into the reality of producing your own work and what goes on behind the scenes while operating a dance company.



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