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Fueling a Dancer's Body for Optimal Performance featuring Morgan DiMeo (Narvick)

Episode 36 | Fueling a Dancer's Body for Optimal Performance

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and lifelong Dancer, Morgan DiMeo, shares her expert advice about optimizing your performance through the power of food!

She breaks down the stigmas surrounds carbs and fats, shares her dance bag snack secrets and provides alternative solutions to meat based proteins. As the Owner and Founder of Your Dancing Dietitian, Morgan encourages individual experimentation when it comes to what foods work the hardest to provide your unique body with enough nutrients, energy and support to not only get you through your long dance days but thrive whilst putting your best foot forward.

*Please be advised*

This episode contains material relating to eating disorders that some listeners may be sensitive to. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or would like more information about signs, symptoms and treatment, visit the websites of National Eating Disorder (USA) or Beat Eating Disorders (UK).



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