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Inequality in Theatre featuring Kyle DuPree

Episode 10 | Inequality in Theatre

There’s no denying the Inequality in Theatre - so what are we going to do about it?

Triple-threat performer, Kyle DuPree, has graced stages on Cruise Ships, National Tours and even Off-Broadway in shows like Mamma Mia!, Chicago (pictured right above) and La Cage aux Follies!

In addition to Kyle's numerous career achievements, this episode also shines a light on the inequality people of color face in the Musical Theatre world. I hope this topic sparks necessary conversations regarding the behavior in today’s theatre industry. Listen as Kyle shares personal stories from inside audition rooms and expresses how he feels about the term “Token.” It is so important for young aspiring performers to see themselves represented on major stages so they understand the possibilities of a career in the arts.

Together, Brittany and Kyle discuss the key components of this matter and try to offer some solutions towards reducing exclusivity set by traditional and outdated ways.

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