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Dancing on Camera featuring Becca Nelson

Episode 23 | Dancing on Camera

Dancing on Camera is a SKILL & featured guest, Videographer & Dancer, Becca Nelson, shares some top tips for performing on camera!

Listen to Becca’s journey as she risks it all for her love of dance – moving to LA and consistently creating opportunities for herself. Having worked both in front and behind the camera, Becca provides incredible insight from a unique perspective. Her work ranges from Syncopated Ladies, to New York City Dance Alliance, and most recently Nike!

Dancing on Camera could not be more relevant at a time like the present and there are many different situations in which dancers may be filmed.

  • Final Round of Audition

  • In Class

  • Digital Art

  • TV/Film/Commercial

  • Live Performances

Build your confidence in front the camera by continuously filming yourself. Find your best angles, dance larger than what feels “normal” and interact with the viewers beyond the lens!

For those looking to be behind the camera, don’t stress about having the best quality equipment – grab your iPhone and start shooting. Just start somewhere, hone your skills and then think about the next steps in terms of a camera upgrade.

Follow Becca on Instagram for details on her Dancing on Camera WEB SERIES!!

Instagram: @beccathecreator



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