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Casting Director's Point of View on Digital Submissions & Live Auditions featuring Franklyn Warfield

Episodes 12 & 13 | Casting Directors POV

Discover how to ace your next Digital Submission & Live Audition experience with advice from expert Casting Director, Franklyn Warfield!

Franklyn Warfield was formly the Senior Casting Director for RWS Entertainment Group in New York City, casting for productions at numerous theme parks including Hershey Park, Six Flags, and Europa-Park, onboard Holland America Line, and so much more! You’ll get an in-depth look from the other side of the table and gain valuable advice about your next digital submission. A key point is to make sure you read the submission instructions carefully and include EVERYTHING the casting team asks for.

Episode 13 is all about the art of Live Auditions – Franklyn’s expert advice and years of casting experience make for a jammed packed episode. Find out the DO’s and the DON’T’s of auditioning and how to make yourself stand out (in a GOOD way) from the other dancers in the room. With this entirely new perspective, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest during your next audition!

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Make sure to include the following in your Digital Submissions:

  • Headshot

  • Resume

  • Link to Dance Reel (YouTube/Vimeo)

  • Contact Information

  • If emailing, keep it short and sweet whilst also showing your personality!

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Things to think about for Live Auditions:

  • You do NOT have to be perfect – that is what rehearsal is for. As long as you show your skills, performance quality, and personality – messing up the Choreography isn’t a make it or break it moment!

  • Don’t get discouraged if you receive a “No” – there is always another audition and role that YOU are meant to book!

  • Share the space with your fellow dancers – don’t hog the front center position. This is part of your professionalism!

  • Find ways to get yourself into a positive mindset – this will vary from dancer to dancer – we all have our rituals upon entering that audition room!

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