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Career Longevity & Professional Image featuring Kim Hale

Episode 35 | Career Longevity & Professional Image

Kim Hale is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the dance industry as she continues her performing career into her 50's!

We chat about the importance of finding joy in activities outside of dance, explore how constant reinvention can contribute to the longevity of one's dance career and discuss what the term "Professionalism" means. Kim has experience in so many different facets of the industry including Public Relations, Social Media Management, Choreographing, Teaching, being a Talent Agent and of course, dance! Having worked closely alongside the legendary Debbie Allen, Kim continues to strive for new professional and personal heights, being an inspiration for dancers every age.

Kim Hale: Dance Website | PR Website Instagram: @mskimhale | @kimhalepr TikTok: @mskimhale



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