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Body Image & Acceptance featuring Taylor Behringer

Episode 27 | Body Image & Acceptance

Explore where issues surrounding body image derive from and discover some actionable practices that can help dancers ultimately feel more confident in their own skin!

Taylor Behringer is a life-long dancer, dance educator, healer for dancers, and mom. She helps professional dancers heal their relationship with their bodies, guiding them into deep body acceptance & peace within the body, they’ve probably been at war with their entire lives. Taylor is a certified Breathwork Facilitator, Life Coach, & creator of the SPACE Method, who works with the somatics of the body to help dancers find safety in their bodies & heal trauma from a lifetime of dancing in an industry that promotes perfection over humanness. She is passionate about shifting the dance industry & creating safer spaces for dancers to thrive, with their well-being at the forefront. In this episode we discuss some of the factors within the Dance Industry that influence how performers view their own bodies, break down the idea of a "Perfect Body" and how one's mental health can be clouded by negative body associations.

Taylor Behringer: Instagram: @taylor_behringer

The SPACE Method

Sovereignty Presence Acceptance Connection Evolution



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