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Welcome to the A Dancer’s Guide Podcast Series!

Episode 1 | Introduction of A Dancer's Guide Podcast

Get to know the A Dancer’s Guide Founder, Brittany Chalk, as she shares her unique dance journey along with how this passion project developed. A Dancer’s Guide is a multi-versed platform that funnels the knowledge and experience of industry professionals into different avenues that can help aspiring performers, seasoned pros, and career transitioning individuals achieve their dreams. This podcast introduction episode details Brittany’s dance journey, from a young, small-town girl growing up at her Mom’s Dance studio to her professional years and beyond!

Brittany trained professionally in New York City and has performed on cruise ships, at theme parks, in regional musical theater productions and for live events. Her career has taken her across the world and even to the other side of the proverbial “table.” As a Choreographer and Assistant Director, Brittany expanded upon her leadership abilities and experienced the intricacies of show production first-hand. She is incredibly proud of this platform and hopes to continue providing valuable information to all performers!

Instagram: @brittanychalk7



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