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Performer's Self Development Journey featuring Raquel Alder

Episodes 31 & 32 | Performer's Self Development Journey

Professional Showgirl and creator of The Pro Performer Platform, Raquel Alder, shares her unique dance journey and ways performers can approach their own self development!

Part 1 of this two part series explores moments of empowerment and overcoming rejection. We also discuss some of the essential skills performers should be equipped with and challenge why dancers are NOT taught these skills during formal education.

Part 2 expands on building your dance brand and how the different types of media we consume influence us.

You have the power to take hold of your own life, make your own choices and develop yourself to achieve your ultimate goals - we're just here to help you see different perspectives. A big take away - find the confidence to change and evolve your professional brand as YOU as an artist change and evolve.

Pro Performer Platform Instagram: @properformerplatform | @raquel.alder Facebook: Pro Performer Platform

Check out Raquel as a featured panelist in the Future of Dance Auditions Webinar hosted by A Dancer's Guide

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