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International Stages featuring Giulia Griffith

Episode 7 | International Stages

World traveling performer, Giulia Griffith, shares her experiences Dancing on International Stages!

Her Showgirl journey has taken her from Las Vegas’s Jubilee! to the Crazy Palace Karlsruhe in Germany. Giulia’s love of travel inspired her to digitally submit for a role at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Upon booking that contract, she performed as a talented Soloist at the theme park and also taught young children at a local dance studio. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to perform abroad – this is the episode for you!

This episode also extends beyond dance and resonates on a emotionally human level. As performers we often post the highlight reel of our careers but what you see isn’t always happy or easy. Listen as we discuss some of the hardships one can face within the performance industry and share advice about keeping your head held high – always working to the next opportunity!

Giulia Griffith:

Instagram: @Giulia_Griffith

AEV Studios – | Instagram: @aev.studios



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