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Dancing Through University featuring Shelby Fuhrman

Episode 2 | Dancing Through University

Hear from Oklahoma City University Dance Major alumnus, Shelby Fuhrman, about her experience dancing through University!

Shelby shares some stories from her college years, her professional dance ourney and her new found passion in providing others with an abundance of energy through the power of Yoga.

Choosing to go to University for dance is personal choice and may not be the path that everyone takes. AND THAT’S 100% OKAY!

If you DO want to attend University and get a degree in relation to dance, make sure to do your research about which universities will be right for you.

A few things to ask yourself :

  • Do I want to stay close to home or venture beyond my hometown?

  • What career opportunities would I be looking to pursue after college and which university provides the closest education to that desired goal?

  • Do I want a small or large University experience?

Your answers to these questions can significantly help you in deciding IF going to University for dance is for you and WHICH University will give you the greatest opportunity for success! Website:

Instagram: @Shelby_Fuhrman RESOURCES & RELATED CONTENT

UK Middlesex University – London University of Chichester University of Plymouth Strattfordshire University University of Derby Falmouth University

USA Oklahoma City University Point Park University – Pittsburgh, PA University of the Arts – Philadelphia, PA Julliard – New York City NYU – New York City Fordham – New York City Universities by State



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