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Dancers in the Digital Age featuring Katy Kauffman

Episode 21 | Dancers in the Digital Age

There’s no denying — we as Dancers find ourselves in the Digital Age!

This episode features an expert in Digital Marketing and you’ll learn about how to crush your Online Presence as am artist. Katy Kauffman empowers artists and gives them the tools and resources to build their own successful brand through 1-on-1 consultations and online programs.

As a Dancer, YOU are your business and creating a website for your artistry to live online is essential! Discover how to cultivate a cohesive and authentic social media presence with Katy’s Holy Grail of Social Media. Join the discussion surrounding what our industry may look like post-pandemic and start using this time to strengthen your skill set.

There has been a beautiful shift in the industry and we are seeing more creators then ever before showcasing dance art on digital platforms. This episode is sure to inspire you to continue expressing your passions through creative mediums whilst making your digital presence work for YOU!

Instagram: @therealslimkaty



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