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Dance Industry Advice from Professionals

Episode 24 | Industry Advice from Season 1 Podcast Guests

Get Dance Industry Advice from Professionals!

This episode compiles advice about the dance industry from the season one podcast guests! They all answer the question... “What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring performer?”

The answers vary yet you’ll notice some strong themes emerge as you listen. Step into the new year inspired and ready to take on anything this industry throws at you with a little insight from the pros who have experienced it first hand!

Guests in order of speaking: Emily Grace Kersey – Founder of Broadway Bound Initiative Franklyn Warfield – Senior Casting Director RWS Entertainment Group Anna Hiran – Bi-Coastal Dancer Lindsay Stevens – Las Vegas Dancer Starr Marberry – Theme Park Dancer & Choreographer Kyle Dupree – Musical Theatre Dancer Katy Kauffman – Founder of Hustle by trsk Krystal Collins – Founder of New Growth Collective Kelsey Geibel – OCU Pedagogy Grad + Cruise Ship & Theme Park Dancer Eric Geibel – Founder of Eric’s Tap Boards + Disney Giulia Griffith – Founder of AEV Studios Becca Nelson – Dancer + Videographer Kayley Stevens Lake – Dancer + Founder of Travelfit by Kayley Nikki Croker – West Side Story International Tour Carissa Fiorillo – Founder of Lifestyle of a Performer Blog + Aladdin National Tour Kelsey Plante – Cruise Ship + Theme Park Dancer Sandy Shelton – Co-Founder of Full Out Creative Maud Arnold – Co-Founder of Chloe & Maud Productions and Foundation + Syncopated Ladies + DC Tap Fest Anne Marie Snyder – Musical Theatre Dancer Ashley Hammond – Princess Cruise Line Dancer Kaylee Randall – Founder of Pivot for Dancers Alicia Pociask – Owner & Director of Bold Dance Project Melissa Hyatt – Dancer + Fitness Trainer Anna Terese Scott – Founder of Infinity Plus One



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