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Auditions featuring Nikki Croker

Episode 8 | Auditions

Everything you could possibly want to know about dance auditions is in this episode!

Featured guest and native Australian, Nikki Croker, has performed across the world with Disney Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International and Spirit Productions. To say she is an expert on the musical West Side Story is an understatement as she is the former Dance Captain for the Australia and New Zealand Tour, performed in New Canaan Summer Theater’s production and covered leading roles whilst swinging in for all the Jet ladies on the International Tour. Nikki has been to her fair share of dance auditions and is here to share what she’s learned throughout her extensive career.

Auditioning is where is all begins and Nikki gives some incredible advice about this unique art form. Everything from what you should wear and bring with you to how professionalism plays a huge role. Discover ways of dealing with audition rejection and understand that even the most talented performers can go through a “dry spell” in their career. Listen, learn, and go ace your next audition!


Where to Find Dance Auditions

Backstage Playbill Actors Access Vegas Auditions Dance Audition Facebook Groups in your area On production company’s Website or Social Media Through an Agent Postings at Dance Studios & Rehearsal Spaces



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