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Anti-Racism & LGBTQ+ Care in Studios featuring Krystal Collins

Episode 18 | Anti-Racism & LGBTQ+ Care in Studios

Constructive conversation about implementing anti-racist practices and caring for LGBTQ+ students within a dance studio.

Featured guest, Krystal Collins, is using her artistry as a vehicle for social change and shares her experiences from the perspective of both a teacher and a student. Identifying as a black, queer, non-binary femme, Krystal strives to create an open and educated space for her students to feel comfortable, accepted, and proud of the skin they’re in.

This episode highlights the responsibility dance teachers hold as authoritative figures in young dancers lives and gives some advice on ways to address important social topics. Dance teachers are at the forefront of molding the next generation of not just dancers but PEOPLE so let’s do everything possible to ensure we’re cultivating an equal future for all.

Krystal Collins: @krystalgems__




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