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Agents & Injuries in Dance featuring Kayley Stevens Lake

Episode 6 | Agents & Injuries in Dance

This episode features, Kayley Stevens Lake, as she speaks about her experience with agents and injuries during her dance career.

Having been represented by Clear Talent Group, she details what the audition was like, how they came to represent her and the reality of ending representation at the benefit of both parties.

Kayley has endured multiple injuries however, continues to rise above the set backs with the support of her family and friends whilst also maintaining a positive mindset. She is an Actors Equity Association member, Choreographer and Founder of TravelFit – an online fitness platform designed to allow exercise from anywhere in the world!

Discover more about the highs and lows that come with being a part of the live entertainment industry and how to embrace the many redirections we face in life.

Website: TravelFit by Kayley – Facebook: Instagram: @KayleyStevensLake @TravelFitbyKayley Twitter: @kayleystevens RESOURCES & RELATED CONTENT

USA Dance Agencies Clear Talent Group – NY + LA McDonals/Selznick Associates – NY + LA Lucille DiCampli Artist Representation – NY CESD – NY Bloc – NY + LA Xcel – LA + Atlanta

UK Dance Agencies AMCK – London AJK Agency – London KMC Agencies – London + Manchester CS Agency – London

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